Core Systems

Core Systems


We have the experience and skills needed to help you implement your Core Real Estate systems. Our team of experts can help you deliver a system that meets your organisational needs whilst minimising risk.

The ultimate goal of any implementation is to get a great business outcome from the introduction of new systems but at the same time manage the risk of cost or time blow outs or of functionality gaps. New systems are all about addressing existing challenges and creating new opportunities to improve the way a business runs. Boards everywhere are concerned about both financial and reputational risks associated with these kinds of projects and our proven methodologies help you manage the risk and satisfy your Board.

At NOI we know that a successful software implementation project begins with a team of real estate industry and application experts, backed up by rigorous and proven project management methodology.

Our team will help you be successful regardless of the platform you choose.

The Challenge

Many companies know they need to replace Legacy systems to meet the challenges of doing business in today’s high speed business environment. These companies also know that getting new systems implemented that meet their needs and that their people will embrace is a very risky venture. There are countless stories of cost blow outs or poor outcomes that take years to remedy.

The Consequence

A new system that has a poor business outcome will take years to recover from and often comes at a reputational cost to the business and the people responsible for the project.

The Solutions

For projects to be successful we understand that you need a partner who is not only experts in the systems but who are experts at listening. Talk to us about:

  • How we  helped our clients migrate to Yardi Voyager to drive business value
  • How we helped our clients upgrade to the latest versions of JD Edwards to unlock the value in their investments in this system.
  • How we ensured that our clients streamlined their asset level forecasting with Argus and Cougar.
  • How we eliminated duplication with E Front

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