Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence


For Business Intelligence to really work for your organisation the systems need to be designed with a view to the way your people make decisions. Our approach starts and finishes with people, how they make decisions and what data do they really need. Our comprehensive Business Intelligence strategy and plans ensure that the right data is sourced for critical decisions.

The Challenge

Across all business domains there is a goal to maximise the quality of informed decisions. Intelligence is about using information in a purposeful manner to inform decisions. This covers a wide variety of competences across technology, culture and capabilities. Quite often the technology may be in place but the overall benefit is diminished by the absence of the other competences.

The Consequence

Quite often the culture around data governance and controls is missing, leading to a poor quality of data. This can be compounded by spreadsheet wars where everyone has a variant of the truth. In essence the data becomes untrustworthy due to poor data culture.

Another consequence seen is the proliferation of reports and dashboards without explicit alignment to the decisions being made. This typically causes inconsistent decision making and a lower level of audit on decisions.

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About helping companies build the cultural, technology and business layers to enable maximum benefit from technology asset and to fully inform decisions in a systemic manner.

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